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Our Team

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. They are qualified and well aware of industrial happenings. We are willing to perform on the basis of their expertise. We give enough opportunities for all, to excel in their career as well as doing good for the business. We have various facilities in our facility that helps to make a smooth business process. We have experienced professionals along with fresh and energetic members. These young people bring fresh perspective to the business operation. 

Our Concepts

Modular Concept

Our modular system gives various options where all mechanical parts are attached by screws. So, one can easily replace the chair and it means it can be customized easily at the workplace. With our modular option, we also provide various accessories to make it easy to personalize own chairs like as Cleanroom Chairs, ESD Chair. We also provide various types of backrest, seat bases and seat support with our modular concept.

Ergonomics Guidelines

To avoid strenuous activity sitting for long hours on the chairs, we have developed an ergonomic concept of designing chairs. Our chairs can be adapted to all working situations and provide very good stability to the spine and correct the posture.

Product Range

We offer our clients with following products:
  • Electronics- ESD Safe Areas
    • Low Back ESD Chair
    • Mid Back ESD Chair
    • ESD Stool
  • Production, Shop Floor & Workshops
    • Low Back Budget Chair
    • Low Back Premium Chair
    • Mid Back Premium Chair
    • Stool
  • Pharma- GMP Areas
    • Mid Back Chair
    • Stool
  • Laboratories
    • Mid Back Lab Chair
    • Stool
  • Clean Room Areas
    • Mid Back Clean Room Chair
  • Office
    • Low Back Budget Chair
    • Low Back Premium Chair
    • Mid Back Premium Chair
    • Stools

Our Vendor Management

We have an excellent coordination with our vendors and implemented a vendor management system. We coordinate with our suppliers for quality, cost and deliver timeliness. Our vendor management system that is partly computerized and partly managed by our professional vendor manager initiate and handle business relationship with vendors. Our operational department works with vendors and create a platform to negotiate for the best value of product purchase. Our vendor management encompasses many jobs including monitoring contractual agreements, managing relations, documentation, and problem resolution.